No matter your destination or how far you travel there is one common denominator that claims its place in everyday living, doorknobs. Silly to think about but if you did, you would find they open up a whole new world, literally and figuratively. No matter how ornate and grand or simple and small, doorknobs open doors to interests, commerce and history. They find their place into palaces and museums, markets and cathedrals, hospitals and hotels.



The humble handle serves no more purpose than to stand firm, function and allow us to walk in or walk out. No two are alike which gives them individuality and personality. They hear a multitude of languages and opinions, shouts and whispers from those that pass through once, twice or hundreds of times a day. Through all the handling and manipulation they stay strong, solid and ready.


French writer Guy de Maupassant once said “Travel, like dreams, is a door that opens from the real world into a world that is yet to be discovered”. A world discoverable by opening a handle that holds the door to eager anticipation, is what makes our experiences so unique. Discovery can be a few minutes or ten time zones away. We often take a deep breath, wipe our hands or close our eyes before we turn the knob into a new past. That is the best part of the reach…..what’s on the other side?


Emmanuel Macron said, “We’re not isolated from the world. The world knocks on our door.” What wonderful, charming, beautiful doors await us in the world. Whether in a row, or individualized each one has a past a present and a future. The best part of closing the door behind you is connecting with the new faces in front of you. What is their story? What is their history? What is their culture? What is their native tongue? You have yet to interact and reveal it but the handle has been there the whole time…….


“There is no key to happiness. The door is always open.”  Mother Theresa

Where will you voyage to next? Will you stay close to home or venture further abroad? We will be on the road again soon to Italy…..always on the hunt for beautiful luggage and accessory ideas inspired by the Tuscan countryside and the Amalfi Coast. What destination will be your next inspiration?

Turn the handle and take a step into new memories!


Travel Often Travel Pretty,

Kelly and Rhonda