Traveling light

Posted on April 26, 2019


I can’t remember a trip where I did not have that nervous excited feeling as the days grew short and travel day approached. The planning and preparation complete, the packing and repacking with the discarding of clothes I know I won’t wear. Loose itineraries preferred and traveling with friends or family a given…or not?

Sometimes one must travel light in order to travel intentionally. Stepping away from the comfort and companionship to travel as “one” incorporates a completely different dynamic. As our world becomes smaller and smaller in part to the conveniences from multiple electronic devises it is easy not to feel totally alone or is it? Do we really want to?

“Traveling light” by oneself and using limited screen time really can make for a wonderful experience. Packing for one, eating for one, interacting as one surrounds you with a completely different perspective to what you see, feel and hear. The sights become a bit more intriguing, the senses a bit more open and the pace of each day a bit more sweet.



For us at Deux Pêches, we are fortunate to have had both types of experiences. The architecture, the transportation, the changes in language and culture are always a pleasant constant. The opportunity to travel with family, for business or alone is a choice we have had the pleasure to take.

Wherever you go either near or far, taking a little time to go it alone refreshes, renews and awakens apart of yourself that sometimes gets neglected. A new sense of creativity and appreciation fills your soul and reignites that fire in your belly. Your time is for you, your schedule is in part filled with activities and interests that only you can truly benefit from. Whether it is taking a language class, learning a new hobby or simply finding a cafe and reading a book in your own little part of the world, you have yourself back.


The beautiful part of traveling light is returning home. Sharing those experiences with an intensity and passion with friends and family who truly get why you left. The pictures and stories dance through your observations and reflections. You departed with a blank canvas and now you share a framed piece of art. Smiles and laughter spill over the details of the days, weeks and perhaps even a month full of memories.

Traveling light is not selfish. It gives those sitting out this particular travel window an opportunity to experience their own world from a different perspective. We do appreciate most what we don’t always have around us. We hug a little tighter, we listen a little harder and we laugh a little louder.

We hope you will have the opportunity to take a “petite pause” and spend time to appreciate what your true passion is for you. The beauty and simplicity of what makes you special is sometimes just a day in the City, at a Museum or yes in the form of taking off and landing somewhere that makes you feel alive, whole and breathless.



For us, Traveling light involves a suitcase. Europe quenches our desire for simplicity, spontaneity and creativity. The value of food, family and tradition fills our soul. The history and beauty of Cathedrals and Cobblestone streets fills our meandering longing with old world charm. We leave a little bit of ourselves and touch the lives of those around us when we go it alone. The story you create is beautiful and a gift worth sharing. May traveling light inspire you to take a little time and give a little something back to yourself so that in return you may give that much more to others.


Leaving you for now with inspiration to Travel Often and Travel Pretty!



Deux Pêches






Falling for Vintage

Posted on November 3, 2018


What is it about classics that transcend time, fads, and trends? Whether clothes, books or luggage, classic timeless moments call for vintage accessories. Destinations such as Paris and Florence are classics in their own right. Both cities create an atmosphere that you have been transported back to a simpler and less complicated lifestyle. We love to travel and use these inspirations to shape and create a feeling of old world charm.


Season’s embrace us and create the same sense of warmth and style as our classic staples. Fall is the perfect time to experience a crisp, nostalgic stroll through a park or a long over due chat to reconnect with friends or loved ones. There is something so enchanting around a fireside discussion with a bottle of wine or two……Fall naturally makes us want to cozy up to a classic book or movie. Social media aside, there is nothing like losing ourselves in a beautiful story of love and determination either between a few hundred pages or on the big screen.


We love to wander through cobblestone streets that share a history and beauty of what it must have been like to live there from the beginning. Developing out of this enticing itinerary and the road less traveled are our ideas for vintage luggage and handbags. Sometimes dressing the part actually makes one feel like you are meandering beyond the label of “tourist”. Provence and Tuscany are made up of hundreds of hillside towns that keep us coming back with stunning scenery and even more enchanting “locals” to meet.


Scenery aside, what evokes a classic lifestyle more than traditional, simple dishes. Meals that are organic and colorful often inspire us to create the same with our collections. Have you had a soft, creamy gelato recently? Inspiration really does come from anything whether intentional or not. Soft colors are versatile and seasonless and remind us of special moments we treasured while meandering through leafy vineyards, town squares or bustling markets.


Fall is also a time to slow down and wrap up….we take this idea literally and love traveling with our reversible wraps! Wine tasting through Tuscany can sometimes be chilly as the temperatures transition into Autumn. Sitting at a bistro table watching the world go by with a delicious Chianti Classico and a warm wrap are two indulgences that are hard to give up! Two simple classics perfect for savoring sweet moments of the local flavor and climate!


Where do you “Fall” into for style? Are you a vintage, timeless seeker of all things classic and simple? Are you enticed by old stone houses and ragged slate roofs? Do detours on your travels take you through imposing arches or along lush green pastures? Is it your favorite time of year? The beauty of it all is to find inspiration no matter where the town, what the season or which dish you try. Find it at home, find it abroad… can take lovely, winding paths created by you with those you know and those you encounter for the first time. We hope you embrace the beauty of stylish travel and that it will make you apart of the environment your passing through, not just a tourist passing by.







Remember~ Travel Often.Travel Pretty.

Merci et Bon Voyage!

Duex Pêches


Can you Handle it?

Posted on August 30, 2018


No matter your destination or how far you travel there is one common denominator that claims its place in everyday living, doorknobs. Silly to think about but if you did, you would find they open up a whole new world, literally and figuratively. No matter how ornate and grand or simple and small, doorknobs open doors to interests, commerce and history. They find their place into palaces and museums, markets and cathedrals, hospitals and hotels.



The humble handle serves no more purpose than to stand firm, function and allow us to walk in or walk out. No two are alike which gives them individuality and personality. They hear a multitude of languages and opinions, shouts and whispers from those that pass through once, twice or hundreds of times a day. Through all the handling and manipulation they stay strong, solid and ready.


French writer Guy de Maupassant once said “Travel, like dreams, is a door that opens from the real world into a world that is yet to be discovered”. A world discoverable by opening a handle that holds the door to eager anticipation, is what makes our experiences so unique. Discovery can be a few minutes or ten time zones away. We often take a deep breath, wipe our hands or close our eyes before we turn the knob into a new past. That is the best part of the reach…..what’s on the other side?


Emmanuel Macron said, “We’re not isolated from the world. The world knocks on our door.” What wonderful, charming, beautiful doors await us in the world. Whether in a row, or individualized each one has a past a present and a future. The best part of closing the door behind you is connecting with the new faces in front of you. What is their story? What is their history? What is their culture? What is their native tongue? You have yet to interact and reveal it but the handle has been there the whole time…….


“There is no key to happiness. The door is always open.”  Mother Theresa

Where will you voyage to next? Will you stay close to home or venture further abroad? We will be on the road again soon to Italy…..always on the hunt for beautiful luggage and accessory ideas inspired by the Tuscan countryside and the Amalfi Coast. What destination will be your next inspiration?

Turn the handle and take a step into new memories!


Travel Often Travel Pretty,

Kelly and Rhonda






Au Début

Posted on July 5, 2018


A side trip to Venice was soon to be the start of an even bigger adventure. An afternoon chat that began as our al fresco lunch was winding down would eventually lead us to Italy and France. The best part of traveling with someone you have known for a while is discovering there is even more to learn. While our travels had taken us to Paris and Provence, Florence and Venice opened up an opportunity to make a voyage into a vision. A sister company was created because travel is that special. From British author Alain de Botton “The pleasure we derive from journeys is perhaps dependent more on the mindset with which we travel than on the destination we travel to.” For two friends who gravitate towards all things elegant, classic, cultural and timeless, our response to this piece of philosophical wisdom is Travel Often, Travel Pretty.



Our inspiration comes from the way we feel upon landing after crossing the Atlantic. It is the various customs and culture, architecture and language that makes the mind dance and the eyes come alive. The history and traditions we connect with when listening to the stories of families keeping their shops thriving through the generations is heartwarming. The sense of style the women display from young to old is a testament to the importance of passing down trade secrets and sentiments.





What better place to discuss the goals and creative direction we envisioned for Deux  Pêches than over tea at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. For a Hotel to be considered at one time home to Coco Chanel and F. Scott Fitzgerald, taking tea in the Marcel Proust room was bound to get the creative juices flowing, if not the sugar high did just the trick. Cobblestone Living, our sister company envelopes the beauty and simplicity of style and comfort. Luxurious fabrics from Silk to Cashmere provide the perfect backdrop to add the travel accessories we offer at Deux Pêches. Our affection for vintage style luggage and old world charm are the perfect combination for traveling.





The beautiful backdrop for Cobblestone Living is Florence, Italy. Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany. As fans of ‘Under the Tuscan Sun” many daydreams have caught our attention of stopping the bus and checking out an abandoned Villa in need of a buyer and renovation. Reality prevails and we instead envision how Deux Pêches will make the most fabulous wraps, scarves, handbags and luggage to guide us all to Travel Often and Travel Pretty.

We hope you will enjoy this Blog and join us on this fabulous journey.

Grazie et Bon Voyage~

Kelly and Rhonda


“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

-Gustav Flaubert